Globalisation and the need for a secure, affordable energy supply go hand-in-hand. Economic development is dependent on sufficient sources of energy—oil, gas, electricity, coal, alternative fuels and others. The availability and security of these resources are on the minds of many, from consumers, to political leaders to company executives.

By investing in companies that produce energy in many different ways, VADO Energy provides benefits to the company's shareholders and to society at large as energy is essential component for production of thousands of everyday products, all of which improve living standards around the world.

Our management team includes experts from the energy industry and experienced financiers who can evaluate each prospective company and can provide expert analysis of the potential returns on every investment that VADO Energy makes.

In keeping with our long-term approach to investments, VADO Energy evaluates potential investments in terms of a company's financial health, its relationships with host countries and communities and its commitment to the health and safety of workers. VADO Energy also values sustainable development and minimizing the environmental effects of energy producing on the surrounding community.


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